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im just some crazy girl from new jersey whos dying to get away from nj who uses imagery, fashion,and music to escape the craziness of it all. A peek into my brains.a teeny tiny peek.
Amy..new jersey.a fantastic trip.
life is weird

On Thursday I found out my biological father died. He and I never met. He died on January 23rd but his father didnt call my mom until thursday. or so she says. But I have never met him and Ive never even received a photograph of him. But the biggest bomb that got dropped on me is that i have a half SISTER. When i heard that news i felt like i was going to throw up. i dont know how to explain it but it really scared me. i cried all morning. i felt like such a weirdo. i felt like omg my life is so crazy. i still dont know what to think except ive been having constant bouts of anger and anxiety. I go to a therapist so im definitely going to let them know about this. but i just feel so trapped. to make things worse my mother and i have the worst relationship in so much damage and under a ton of strain. i love her but she has a lot of problems. she makes me feel   bad about myself so i havent talked to her but of course i had to talk to her about this.. i mean.. what.. a sister. the last time i talked to my biological dad i was working a full time job at the mall i was 17 and dropped out of school. so i was working a lot and getting my GED. but the last time i talked to him i was mad at him.. and i said i didnt want to talk to him on the phone. that was the last time but i feel sad about that. he hit his head and died apparently. it is sad. but i never felt close with him. i was scared of him i guess. in his obituary they said he liked to work on lawnmowers like that sounds really bad. thats pathetic. i know i shouldnt judge him and that i should forgive him now that hes passed but i am pissed!!!! i feel crazy.fuck man

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Glitch coat by Nukeme x UCNV

Bunny Yeager
'Bettie Page'


wearing all black today to mourn the death of my motivation

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I’ve become a living apology, I am sorry

" —

an eight word poem  

i hate being sorry 

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